Saving and loading file-like objects.

Save data

save(data, path_to_file[, warning])

Save data to a file of specific format.

save_pickle(pickle_data, path_to_pickle[, ...])

Save data to a pickle file.

save_joblib(joblib_data, path_to_joblib[, ...])

Save data to a joblib file.

save_spreadsheet(spreadsheet_data, ...[, ...])

Save data to a CSV or an Microsoft Excel file.

save_multiple_spreadsheets(...[, mode, ...])

Save data to a multi-sheet Microsoft Excel file.

save_json(json_data, path_to_json[, method, ...])

Save data to a JSON file.

save_feather(feather_data, path_to_feather)

Save data frame to a Feather file.

save_fig(path_to_fig_file[, dpi, verbose, ...])

Save a figure object to a file of a supported file format.

save_svg_as_emf(path_to_svg, path_to_emf[, ...])

Save a SVG file (.svg) as a EMF file (.emf).

save_web_page_as_pdf(url_to_web_page, ...[, ...])

Save a web page as a PDF file by wkhtmltopdf.

Load data

load_pickle(path_to_pickle[, mode, verbose])

Load data from a pickle file.

load_joblib(path_to_joblib[, verbose])

Load data from a joblib file.


Load multiple sheets of an Microsoft Excel file.

load_json(path_to_json[, method, verbose])

Load data from a JSON file.

load_feather(path_to_feather[, verbose])

Load data frame from a Feather file.

Uncompress data

unzip(path_to_zip_file[, out_dir, verbose])

Extract data from a zipped (compressed) file.

seven_zip(path_to_zip_file[, out_dir, mode, ...])

Use 7-Zip to extract data from a compressed file.