PostgreSQL.read_table(table_name, schema_name=None, conditions=None, chunk_size=None, sorted_by=None, **kwargs)

Read data from a table.

See also [DBMS-PS-RT-1].

  • table_name (str) – name of a table

  • schema_name (str) – name of a schema; when schema_name=None (default), it defaults to DEFAULT_SCHEMA (i.e. 'public')

  • conditions (str or None) – defaults to None

  • chunk_size (int or None) – number of rows to include in each chunk, defaults to None

  • sorted_by (str or None) – name(s) of a column (or columns) by which the retrieved data is sorted, defaults to None

  • kwargs – [optional] parameters of the method read_sql_query() or the function pandas.read_sql()


data frame from the specified table

Return type


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