pyhelpers.settings.gdal_configurations(reset=False, max_tmpfile_size=None, interleaved_reading=True, custom_indexing=False, compress_nodes=True)[source]

Alter some default configuration options of GDAL/OGR drivers.

  • reset (bool) – whether to reset to default settings, defaults to False

  • max_tmpfile_size (int | None) – maximum size of the temporary file, defaults to None

  • interleaved_reading (bool) – whether to enable interleaved reading, defaults to True

  • custom_indexing (bool) – whether to enable custom indexing, defaults to False

  • compress_nodes (bool) – whether to compress nodes in temporary DB. defaults to True


>>> from pyhelpers.settings import gdal_configurations

>>> gdal_configurations()


This can be useful when using GDAL to parse a large PBF file. For example, gdal_configurations() is applied by default when importing the package pydriosm, which can be used to work with OpenStreetMap data of PBF format.