Communication with databases.

The current release includes classes for PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.


PostgreSQL([host, port, username, password, ...])

A class for basic communication with PostgreSQL databases.

MSSQL([host, port, username, password, ...])

A class for basic communication with Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Database tools/utilities

make_database_address(host, port, username)

Make a string of a database address.


Get default database address of a given class in the current module.

add_sql_query_condition(sql_query[, ...])

Add a condition to a given SQL query statement.

mssql_to_postgresql(mssql, postgres[, ...])

Copy tables of a database from a Microsoft SQL server to a PostgreSQL server.

import_data(db_instance, data, schema_name, ...)

Import data into the project database.

read_data(db_instance, schema_name, table_name)

Load data from the project database.